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BUILT ON Ethereum
Our XPAD 1.0 is a token-less and NFT powered omni-chain launchpad, focuses on bringing retail investors and projects closer together with zero barrier of entry
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Projects in VispX Factory

Chirpley is the world’s first automated, peer-to-peer, all in one influencer marketplace specifically focused on nano and micro influencers. Chirpley will provide marketers with the freedom to act fast and effectively, thanks to the possibility of a 1-click Marketing Bomb!
Swords of Blood
Coming soon
Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality fast-paced hack and slash RPG on Solana blockchain.
Blockchain : Solana
Coming soon
Bloomverse is the first platform of its kind–a developing PC/mobile/console/metaverse initiative, built by gamers, for everyone. Bloomverse bridges the gap between crypto earning and crypto spending while bringing to life the most exciting and competitive arena-style battle blockchain game. Its seamless payment processing marketplace and online store licensing model let’s players purchase real life products while the player reward revenue stream sustains economic balance.
Blockchain : Solana
Meta Popit
Coming soon
Meta Popit are not just simple nft collectibles, Metapopit World is a complete magic universe! This is a world is full of mysteries and exciting adventures beyond space and time, where nothing is impossible.
Blockchain : Polygon
Osimi City
Coming soon
Osimi City: The First Metaverse Game And SocialFi Osimi City is an open world action-adventure game, built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. It was developed by Osimi City Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore. Osimi City is the ingenious combination of the Metaverse, NFTs and the Play-to-Earn business model. With eager anticipation, this game promises to excite and entertain! Osimi City is poised to dominate the blockchain gaming genre – beginning in 2022!
Rogue Shift
Coming soon
ROGUE SHIFT is a high-intensity top-down shooter with rogue-lite elements and character progression, set on a harsh planet that will test your will to earn perks, NFT and the Rogue Shift token.

IDO Investment Pools

VispX is a “NO TOKEN” Protocol launchpad allowing investors to directly participate in the pool of their choice with ZERO barrier of entry

Key Features for Gaming Projects

VispX offers extensive end to end solutions for blockchain gaming projects with its tailored services for project needs. The program’s sole purpose is to develop an extra layer of professional support for the incubated projects at VispX.

VispX Genesis NFT Collection

Successfully launching a genesis NFT collection “XBorg” which is designed to provide XBorg holders exclusive access to multiple innovative utilities and revenue streams

✅ Unlimited access to IDOs
✅ YieldBox – A sustainable multi passive income generator
✅ Exclusive DAO Access
✅ NFT Royalty Sharing
✅ Project onboarding perks

Core Team

Addy Singh
Co-Founder and CTO
Ash Harris
Co-Founder and CEO
Core Team
Netina Beukes
Creative Director
Chanagun Pochai
Blockchain Tech Lead
Lavinia Hirjanu
Social Media/PR
Matt Tran
Discord Lead
Kent Coloma
Graphic Designer
Thomas Kanze
Master of Vibes



Frequently asked questions

How is the VispX Launchpad Different?

We have a dual model whereby you can get in early to purchase our limited NFTs (XBorg) and access a life time of IGOs, IDOs and INOs for FREE!! Our second model allows $VXP holders to either, stake and earn IGO, IDO or INO tickets or Stake to Farm the XBorg NFT.

Do the VispX NFTs have any other Benefits?

Yes, we have a powerhouse of benefits for our limited in supply Xborg holders. Head over to our discord channel to see the massive benefits we have in store

When will the XBorg NFTs go on sale?

We aren’t disclosing right now as we want to ensure we align the price with community sentiment and market conditions

When will the Launchpad be ready?

Alpha release will be ready in Q2 – The development has already begun

When will the VispX token be released?

We will be launching VispX first on our tech!

Will the community be able to enter on VispX Private Sale?

We will open up private sale for XBorg holders only

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