MetaPopit is a single-player escape room adventure with puzzle elements where you need to find a way out of the level in a limited time and solve all the riddles along the way, bypass obstacles and collect resources. Passing one level gives access to the passage of the next and so on.


To advance in the MetaPopit World, the players need to complete a level. Every level includes more than one room – the player has to escape all of them in order to clear the level.

There are 3 level types:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

The easy levels include 3 rooms, the medium 5 rooms, and the hard 7 rooms.

When the players finish a room, they will find themselves in front of two doors; they will then have to choose what type of room they want
to proceed with.

For example, if they have just completed a yellow room, they can now choose if they want to move into a red one or a blue one and so on.
(The player can’t pick the same color as the previous room.)

The players’s decision depends on the strategy that they are using to find the collectible items.

There will be 70 levels available – with each level cleared, the players will gain a treasure.

Each room of the level the players escape rewards them with a key that
will open the next room.


The players have to interact with the room and its components in order to find hints and objects. They will then have to put all the information together, in order to solve the enigmas that will lead them to find the next room key.

The players observe the elements of the room; some of them are interactive and collectible and can be used or combined with other objects to solve a puzzle or complete an investigation.

Some enigmas require deciphering combinations of numbers or letters/words.

Some enigmas require deciphering combinations of numbers or letters/words.

Often, there will be pictures on the walls of the rooms that the players will be able to interact with. In these situations, when they click on the picture, more information will appear, and they will have to find the requested elements in the image (for example: find 7 rabbits).

The players might have to solve some logic mini-games inside the room.