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Bloomverse is the first platform of its kind–a developing PC/mobile/console/metaverse initiative, built by gamers, for everyone. Bloomverse bridges the gap between crypto earning and crypto spending while bringing to life the most exciting and competitive arena-style battle blockchain game. Its seamless payment processing marketplace and online store licensing model let's players purchase real life products while the player reward revenue stream sustains economic balance.

P2E Model


Project allocation

Ecosystem PAE rewards: 24% – Blooms for our ecosystem released over 5 years or more (player based algorithm with a 5 year minimum).
Liquidity Pool 8%
Staking rewards: 20% – For all our stake token holders.
Team: 14% – For the team’s awesome and continuous work in this revolutionary project. 8 month lock with 5% monthly release.
Strategic: 6% – For tactical moves only. 12 month lock and 10% monthly release.
Reserve: 7% – For emergencies and unforeseen obstacles. 18 month lock.
Marketing: 5% – To bring only the best brands, products and creators.
Public sale: 9% – For everyone to enjoy the benefits of the BLOOM. Unlocked at TGE.
Advisors: 3% – For helping develop the best gamification model and Tokenomics in the Metaverse. 1 year lock with 5% Monthly release.

P2E Model

The revenue coming from the brands that pay rent to be part of the daily quests is distributed as follows:

30% Bloomverse marketing (recruit more brands, influencers, and ambassadors).
30% NFT drops for new players.
13% Added to the tournament and special event pool.
7% Bloomverse management and marketing team (fees).
20% Products and coupons of participating brands dropped as loot in the game.
Back to P1’s journey, the practice game victories happened to drop the NFT boots that P1 had used at the Verizon arena. Now that P1 has acquired his stamina points, has experienced the power of NFTs, has faced other players in the unranked arena, and has gained an NFT worth actual value without even spending a cent, P1 has choices: P1 can go explore other parts of the Bloomverse, check out all of the stores that sell real life consumables and memberships in exchange for Bloomies. From health and wellness to crowdfunding and merch.

XP points are earned by playing in the arena.

Regardless of stamina points. Gems can be integrated permanently into the NFT to make it even stronger when it levels, gems give the NFT a percentage bonus based on the base attribute of the avatar. In this case, P1 decides to buy Bloomies to unlock a gem slot, since level 1 allows for 1 gem. P1 then uses Bloomies to buy a gem, after learning about the three types of gems: Chipped gem: Increases base X factor by 2% Whole gem: Increases base X factor by 4% Flawless gem: Increases base X factor by 9% (Factors are speed, aura, hp, evasion and damage) P1 can buy almost any gem P1 wants because P1 has a legendary NFT. Common NFTs can hold a maximum of 2 flawless gems. Rare NFTs can hold a maximum of 4 flawless gems. Legendary NFTs can hold a maximum of 6 flawless gems. Mythical gems also exist, but can only be mounted unto Mythical NFTs, exclusive and hard to come by NFTs like the one the Verizon boss wears on his chest. P1 proceeds to buy a legendary gem to mount on his lvl1, Tier 1, class 1, boots NFT. This complexity will not only make the PAE dynamic as fun and strategic as players want to make it, but it will also guarantee the rarity and uniqueness of NFT collections. Game tutorials and friendly interactions will guide players through this process and teach it to them.

P1 notices that the gem he bought was not listed by Bloomverse, but by another player. This is because owning land in the Bloomverse gives players passive gems and governance tokens, governance tokens can be used for:

Governance purposes. Staking for rewards and more passive income. Craft new NFTs or upgrade their tier. Buy products at the Lobby stores and Celebrity Hall stores. Bloomies are of unlimited supply, are earned in the arena, and have many utilities: Products from stores, gems, leveling up, crafting NFTs, paying for content, used for bets in sports games, appreciating content creators with donations, and paying for upscale real estate upkeep. After playing the daily quests, spending time in the Arena, browsing and using the marketplace, reading some new player guides and our terms of service.

P1 now understands:

Avatars are not NFTs, but have 4 classes with different base attributes. Avatars get boosted with NFTs. You need stamina to play arena and ranked PvP games. Stamina is earned by playing brand mini games. NFTs can be found at the practice arena by achieving victories, or bought at the marketplace. As soon as someone has 3 NFTs, they can play ranked. Ranked victories grant XP points for NFTs, Bloomies, MMR, leaderboard points, and real-life loot from the participating brands. Losing in ranked games doesn’t cost anything, and grants XP points for NFTs. Playing unranked grants XP points, and does not cost Stamina. Gems come from land as passive yields. Items are NFTs, they have shapes (boots/pants/armor/helmet/weapon/ultimate) Tiers, classes, levels and types. Tiers dictate their power stage, classes dictate what ability they provide, types dictate how many flawless gems they can have when they level up, and levels determine their ability to hold gems. Blooms are the governance token, is a limited token, and has 7 utilities. Governance, staking, buying products, buying land, crafting new NFTs, upgrading the Tier of an NFT, exchange trading. Bloomies are the native token, and have over 8 utilities. Crafting new NFTs, buying gems, paying for land upkeep, upgrading item Tier, betting at the sports arena, accessing exclusive content, modifying avatar, acquiring in-game aesthetics from soundtracks to vehicles, donating to content creators, accessing exclusive events and tournaments, buying real-life products and subscriptions, trading at the exchange, customizing locker.

Bloomies burn, Blooms don’t.

Players can earn Blooms by owning land, ranking high on the leaderboards at the end of the month, winning tournaments and participating in special events, as well as by staking their Blooms in the treasury. Depending on the relationships Bloomverse develops with brands and content creators, players with a certain amount of in-game subscriptions might also be able to earn Blooms passively. Players with higher MMR earn more Bloomies upon victory. P1 now has enough understanding to participate in the ecosystem with his personal strategy, P1 decides to buy two more NFTs and go straight to ranked games, because Moralis is powering his wallet P1 can choose from a few of his cryptocurrencies to use in the marketplace, P1 decides to buy a helmet and a weapon. When P1 enters ranked arena P1 learns a few more things, each fight costs him 1 Stamina, so P1 can only play 12 ranked games in 24 hours, winning 8 or more of them will earn him bonus Bloomies, P1 will not get auto-fill NFTs for his other slots in ranked games like P1 does in practice mode.

Match sequence:

Players roll to decide who picks an NFT first, P1 rolls higher so he picks first. Since he only has 1 pair of boots, he chooses those. Player 2 happens to have two sets of boots, he picks the ones best suited to play against a strength avatar.
The turns continue until all slots have been filled, each player has 10 seconds to pick an NFT per turn for a total of 180 seconds picking phase. P1 has three NFTs, one of them with a flawless gem, and P2 has 3 NFTs, all with 1 flawless gem. P1 loses the match after 3 minutes of fighting, matches last an average of 2-4 minutes. Not bad for his first match, considering he had less NFTs and gems than P2, although they both had similar MMR because of the matchmaking balance system. P1’s NFTs all gain experience, P2 gains the same experience, plus victory Bloomies. After playing his 12 matches, P1 ends up winning about 50% of them. His other two NFTs now have enough experience to be leveled up and gem slots unlocked, P1 wonders how P1 can get more NFTs using the Bloomies P1 earned and the Blooms P1 previously bought.