Chirpley is the world’s first automated, peer-to-peer, all in one influencer marketplace specifically focused on nano and micro influencers. Chirpley will provide marketers with the freedom to act fast and effectively, thanks to the possibility of a 1-click Marketing Bomb!

P2E Model


$CHRP is the deflationary utility token in the Chirpley ecosystem.

The brand can make the payment in any currency, whether fiat or crypto. Because of the swapping mechanism in the underlying layer, any currency would be converted to $CHRP in the backend. Due to which, the influencer gets paid only in $CHRP, which increased the sustainability of the token.
20% gross margin is taken on each transaction out of which 1/5th is sent to a burn address directly.
Chirpley has set aside 15 percent of tokenomics for marketing purposes. A tiny percentage will be distributed every day and vested over a five-year period.
Influencers will be paid in $CHRP automatically to promote the Chirpley platform and token, ensuring a steady supply of promotion for the platform and token. This will also unlock the fully automated and decentralized self-sustaining platform in the future.
Passive rewards through Staking. Influencers can choose to lock the $CHRP token for 30-60-90-120 etc. days on platform. Even in the case the token drops in value, they still get the passive rewards. Further, this creates the mechanism to hold and not panic sell, in case the value of the token drops, if ever.
Staking also gives the holders voting power when Chirpley moves onto a DAO model in the future, as the token of governance. Holders can make decisions on various releases and further rewards like NFTs etc.


P2E Model

Chirpley offers the solution to make campaigns more streamlined and accurate at a highly economical, cost-efficient price. A market price is formed which is based on the data from the linked social media channels of the influencers.
Brands pays a handling fee of 10% taken from their chosen budget (50% discount on payments done in Chirpley Token).
The influencer receives their pay-out minus the 10% handling fee. In the end, 20% of the total fee is used for Token buyback and will be burned. The other 80% flows back into the ecosystem for marketing, development, and user rewards.