Dragons Of Midgard


2. Dragons Of Midgard is the first ever P2E Multiverse game backed by $AURA token. Dragons consisting of 5555 total will fight for $AURA to Earn, Mutate & Evolve in the Multiverse.



It is the Kingdom of Midgard that you are looking for. The Kingdom of Midgard has the highest population density in the entire realm, one that can compete with civilizations of the highest caliber on a global scale. With its surrounding mountains and enormous rivers, Midgard is home to some of the world’s most valuable herbs and stones. It is home to many of the most heinous animals that have ever existed.
Dragons are the ultimate creations and beings of chaos in mythology and literature. Dragons are enormous serpent-like animals with limb-crushing jaws, razor-sharp talons, adamantine scales, and hundreds of feet-long wings. They are the noblest of the group, and they are the most dangerous. Such magnificent beasts have the ability to turn the tide of war or even wipe out entire tribes. These dragons were adopted by the humans of Midgard, who trained them to be used as weapons in combat. The battles fought on the realms of Midgard were filled with carnage and mayhem, as well as the echoes of warrior screams. When a kingdom of such grandeur exists, it is home to the bravest and most wise of dragons. It is possible to participate in team combat while also evolving the dragons you have acquired in Dragons of Midgard, a crypto collectible game. ‌
The Dragons are a group of mythical creatures that inhabit the world of Midgard. Dragons of Midgard is a playable NFT Collectible PVP game set in the Kingdom of Midgard that can be obtained through collecting NFTs. Battles are fought in arenas located in eight different territories within the realm of Midgard.
The Dragon’s Den is where you can alter dragons. Users can develop Midgard’s dragons into more powerful versions of themselves. The presence of a basic dragon is necessary for the evolution process since this dragon will act as a catalyst for subsequent improvements. Using several inputs and an algorithm, each dragon generates multiple sets of attributes that are randomly merged and screened through a rigorous procedure, guaranteeing that the perfect creature is born with individual features that complement the chemistry of qualities.
Dragons of Midgard will be available for purchase on Ethereum. Before you can begin playing, you must first purchase dragons, which are required to participate in the game. The acquisition of the dragon will grant access to all of the game’s features and all of its extra subsidiaries.