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Elf Matrix


Elf Matrix is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game which is being built on BSC&Polygon for nearly instant transaction with almost no fees. It will be playable in App form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually on IOS.All in-game items and creatures will be blockchain based tokens and NFTs.
Elf Matrix’s visuals and gameplay are inspired by classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon.Players will be immersed in an ancient and mysterious alien planet called Matrix, where they can summon and collect cute elves, and battle with them to earn crypto rewards. Additionally, players can own NFT land plots in Matrix to build their own elven kingdom, where they can get rare resources and tokens.



Today I will introduce to you a brand new game that I feel is quite promising and full of potential: Elf Matrix – a Play-to-Earn NFT Game that is being built on BSC & Polygon. Since this is a blockchain-based game, in-game items and creatures are all NFTs.

Basically, Elf Matrix has the same gameplay as other virtual pet games like Pokemon or CryptoKitties. In the game, you will travel to a mysterious and beautiful planet called Matrix. Here, you will use your super cute pets to fight and win many attractive blockchain rewards.

In addition, you’ll also be able to own the NFT land plots in the Elf Matrix and enjoy building your own kingdom, through which you can earn a lot of valuable resources and tokens.