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Meta Popit


Meta Popit are not just simple nft collectibles, Metapopit World is a complete magic universe!
This is a world is full of mysteries and exciting adventures beyond space and time, where nothing is impossible.

P2E Model


P2E Model

The game mechanics are like a classic escape room experience: every level includes more than one room, and the user has to escape all of them to clear the level and gain treasures. Each room of the level will be from a different geographic area and time era. One room can be in Ancient Egypt and the next one in a laboratory in 20782! The room combinations will be randomly assigned to the player for each game level. Besides the investigation, in each room typology, you could find collectible items that you can store and use to gain special advantages.

How will the players get rewarded with $POPIT?

While the players have fun and challenge themselves with enigmas and solving puzzles, they can gain $POPIT in
many ways:
– WINNING TREASURES, in each treasure he can find a $POPIT reward.
– COMBINATING COLLECTABLE ITEMS, a Certain combination of resources gives them a $POPIT prize.
– SELLING ON THE MARKETPLACE, While they play, they can find\obtain objects and power-ups that they can sell on the Marketplace for $POPIT

How can the player increase their MetaPopit’s value as an NFT?

– BY PLAYING. Every level cleared by the player makes their MetaPopit earn EXP. Through experience points, each MetaPopit can grow in level. Every single MetaPopit that starts to play begins at level 1, and the more the game is played, the more valuable the MetaPopit becomes. Important to remember: the higher the MetaPopit Level, the higher its value. MetaPopit Level 40 and above are the most valuable because they have the possibility to get the Star Ticket, in order to generate new NFTs.
– THROUGH THE MARKETPLACE, the player can purchase cosmetics that will make his character(s) rarer and therefore more valuable

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