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Osimi City


Osimi City: The First Metaverse Game And SocialFi
Osimi City is an open world action-adventure game, built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. It was developed by Osimi City Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore. Osimi City is the ingenious combination of the Metaverse, NFTs and the Play-to-Earn business model. With eager anticipation, this game promises to excite and entertain! Osimi City is poised to dominate the blockchain gaming genre - beginning in 2022!

P2E Model



$OSI is a cryptocurrency that asserts an extremely promising position in the crypto market in 2022, after its release.

The OSI token is one of the two main components of the dual token model of Osimi City. Osimi City offers the market a very profitable play-to-earn model with unlimited rewards and exchange price stimulation technique which brings maximum profit to the gamers and OSI holders.

There are two types of tokens circulating in Osimi City including the OSI token and the Stable Coin. OSI is a governance token, mainly used for community governance, while a functional coin is a functional coin, mainly used for situations such as character upgrading and purchasing props in the game.

Join the Osimi City ecosystem now to race, engage in gunfights, complete missions, level up and get valuable $OSI!

Basic Metric
The OSI token is the nucleus of the Osimi City ecosystem.

Token Name: Osimi City
Symbol: OSI
Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & Ethereum (ETH)
Type: BEP-20 & ERC-20
Total Supply: 1 billion

Token Utility

The draw to Osimi City’s platform is that the users can capitalize on the money-making interactions, between applications and users. To make these interactions possible, the platform must implement these variables, services, and currencies. Osimi City integrates a core system that facilitates immediate and cost-effective payment protocols for users in the system. The OSI token was created and serves as the basis for Osimi City transactions.
– Trade: OSI tokens are used for buying, selling or trading in a number of cryptocurrency exchanges.
– Earn: Players earn! OSI tokens are your reward by playing games and completing missions. These are required for trading in-game items as NFTs.
– Exchange: All resources in the game are NFTs. Players own these NFTs. These NFTs increase in value and can be traded on the marketplace by means of OSI tokens.
– Stake: Staking OSI tokens are used to generate passive income.

P2E Model

How to earn OSI token?

The metaverses grant us opportunities that many people have deemed impossible with traditional open-world video games. An ever-expanding and futuristic city? You would never get that in games like GTA or Cyberpunk 2077. An in-game economy governed by the players and not by the developers? Your best bet is a blockchain-based metaverse like Osimi City.

Our team has carefully prepared two phases for the future development of Osimi City: Phase 1 and Phase 2. The former will focus on the core game of Osimi City, including the Player vs. Player and Racing aspects, while the latter will expand the base game and make Osimi City an open-world metaverse. We shall go through each phase in more detail, so our readers may have a better idea of what our plan for Osimi is.

Phase 1: Core gameplay

🔫 Shooting

🏎️ Racing

Phase 2: Open-world Metaverse

Owning property like in real-life

A currency for the citizens of Osimi

Osimi City welcomes everyone