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Swords of Blood


Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes, Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality fast-paced hack and slash RPG on Solana blockchain.

P2E Model


How and why would players spend $SWDTKN in-game?

First and foremost, Swords of Blood is a fun, engaging game that doesn’t need P2E elements to succeed (although it has such a system but is based more on skills rather than the amount of “grinding” in-game). As World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Lost Ark (all great MMORPG’s) showed, players are willing to spend thousands of USD to acquire in-game items and to get access to late-game content (thousands of hours involved). With Swords of Blood, although it’s a Free-To-Play game, it will require the players to spend $SWDTKN in order to unlock the late-game content.

Players MUST purchase $SWDTKN tokens if:
  • They want to get past a certain hero level
  • They want to get past a certain threshold for PVE/PVP content
  • They want to level up their items using Gold and Gems
  • They want access to Tournaments, PVP Season Ranks and acquire Battle Passes for the Season

In short, there are NO WAY players will get into the late game and enjoy the content if they won’t buy $SWDTKN.

P2E Model

While this liability has crashed most Play-to-Earn games produced in the last two years, Swords of Blood distinguishes itself by adopting a more sustainable concept: Play-to-Own (P2O). In Swords of Blood, players do not only earn in-game currency and items – but they can also unlock special upgrades, craft weapons, and earn currency, all tradable in the Marketplace. Our Play-to-Own concept will remain far more sustainable than previous projects, allowing users to earn value by playing, upgrading, and unlocking, and actually have fun doing it. Swords Of Blood is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Own (P2O) title for every gamer to enjoy, whether you’re out for blood, or in it for wealth. As a free game, Swords of Blood will attract a massive user base, and avoid the pitfalls of Play-to-Earn games by integrating the blockchain to the fullest extent. Players of Swords of Blood will always have options, beyond simply purchasing or continuously upgrading items, allowing the community to overcome inflation through a variety of uses for their assets.